Monday, 29 August 2011

Cooler than carbonite, kids

There was a time in my (as you're about to discover) misspent youth, that I would idle away my lonely hours in Forbidden Planet, looking at comic books and pining after over-priced toys. Despite the fact that any geek worth their salt will pinch the bridge of their nose and scream in your face 'THEY'RE NOT TOYS! THEY'RE MOVIE MEMORABILIA/ACTION FIGURINES/COLLECTIBLES', they are, actually just toys. Toys for grown ups. Deal with it. I have.

I stopped going to Forbidden Planet because a. I was never given pocket money and b. although I know I dazzle you on a weekly basis with my charm, wit and intelligence, I'm simply not intense enough to be classed as an actual geek, so I got totally bored of having conversations with people who just *have* to prove a point, even if it's over an incredibly minor footnote in the history of The Marvel Universe.

So it's not surprising that I've entirely missed the boat on this Star Wars Han Solo ice cube tray, which costs £8.99:

Now, I know I said that I gave up on the quest to become a genuine geek, due to commitment phobia, lack of funds and unacceptable dress-sense, but when my twitter pal @marcusgalley hooked me up to a link with this, I got ridiculously overexcited. So excited, a little bit of wee came out.*

Look at poor Han! He's DROWNING! Nooooooooo!

Now, I'm hoping that you all get why this is great, but in case you're too young to have seen any Star Wars films prior to Episode I, this product makes a most amusing gift for the true Star Wars Enthusiast, because in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (which is arguably the greatest of the Trilogy, but I do like a bit of the old Episode IV: A New Hope, particularly the bit with The Cantina Band, which is my ringtone, incidentally), Darth Vader forces Solo's old Frenemy Lando Calrissian to trick him into chilling out for a bit in Cloud City, where Vader imprisons Solo in carbonite and turns him over to the faceless and mysterious bounty hunter, Boba Fett (I know, isn't his name awesome?) who sells Solo's ass without a second thought to slimy, slug-like kingpin, Jabba the Hutt. It's a particularly poignant moment in the film, because *just* as Solo is about to be encapsulated (and no-one really knows if he will even survive the carbonisation process - it's never been tested), Princess Leia finally tells him she loves him, after much sexual tension and bickering has been played out on screen. Like I said, it's a VERY POIGNANT MOMENT FOR STAR WARS FANS. This is what Han Solo looks like in the film when he's all carbonised and shiz:

I know, right? Travelling across the galaxy this way makes Sleazy-Jet look like a dream.

In short, this is seven types of awesome and if you buy it for a Star Wars fan, they'll appreciate it massively. Unless they have already been given fifteen of them. If you don't feel comfortable going into Forbidden Planet, you can always buy online, or you could just make them a Han Solo Trapped In Carbonite Cake.

*Actually that's hyperbole, I'm a fully and happily continent member of society peeps. So please don't spam me with offers of Tena Lady.

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Monday, 22 August 2011


Do you remember a TV show from the late 80s/early 90s which involved this annoying little Canadian girl called Ramona? I can vaguely remember this irksome child having an absolute whale, splashing about in a puddle wearing this groovy little yellow PVC mac with a hat to match, and red wellies too in the opening credits. I hated that show. I hated Ramona. But I really, really wanted her yellow mac. Maybe my beef with Ramona was all down to a fairly standard case of green-eyed monsterism.

Well, time has flown by, television programs have come and gone from my life, but as it turns out, the desire to be the owner of a yellow PVC mac has not dissipated one iota.

ENTER JOY [stage left] and the Louche Bettina PVC Hooded Mac for the not offensive price of £59*.

Look how shiny it is.

This would be an ideal way for me to wreak revenge as an adult on that obnoxious little twerp Ramona. Now I am in charge of my own wardrobe budget, I can absolutely purchase myself a yellow PVC Mac, and NOBODY CAN SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

*Just in case you were wondering if £59 is a good price for a yellow mac, I did a bit of research Googled it and found this cheeky number on Justers Fetishworld (please do not click on this link if you are of a delicate disposition or at work and value your position of employment) for £61.59 and then this gorgeous Aquascutum number on sale at John Lewis for a trifling £225. As I have not a trifling £225 to spare and don't wish to receive packages with a Fetishworld return address on them, I think the JOY option is the one for me. 

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Bitchin' stitchin'

There's something deliciously comforting about padding around the house in your slippers. Not only do they do a grand job of keeping your tootsies warm (ideal in the UK, when we're often experiencing weather that can be described at best as 'miserable'), but also, doesn't it just make you smile to look down at your own feet under the table and see something sweet covering them up? To see your little toasty toes peeking out of the blankie as you're watching a film? Having lovely slippers is one of those simple pleasures that makes a lot of difference, on par with, for example, having a thoughtful boyfriend who makes you a cup of tea, just the way you like it, every morning (still haven't got me one of those, but I live in hope).

Some people like pink fluffy slippers. Some people like those ones that don't have any heels so they can slip in and out of them at a moments notice. Some people like slippers that are shaped like monsters, or cartoon characters, or bunny rabbits. For some people, they HAVE to be pink, or have a big bow on them, or sparklies. My housemate's slippers are stripey and the same shape as Ugg boots. Slippers are personal like that.

I rather like these Turkish home slippers from Smiling Knitting on Etsy:

These purple heart on grey slippers cost £18.85 (plus £4.41 postage). They also come in cherry red, navy blue and super cute candy pink:

Then there are the pistachio green slippers with pretty cherries on them, which only cost £16.96.

And those of you who have read any of my previous Nomday posts will know about my serious love for all things nautical, so you won't be surprised by my inclusion of these navy blue and white sailor slippers, which cost £18.85:

Don't you think that with those pretty slots in the side, they look sort of like those jelly sandals you used to play in the sea in as a child? I think they're very cleverly crocheted. I certainly couldn't crochet such a thing.

Now I just have to decide which pair are the most Nommie-ish, so that I can order a pair ready for the impending winter (YES, I know it's still August, but retailers are already thinking about Christmas so the approaching Autumn is in my thoughts).

You can order your precise size and wool colour if you so wish and lastly, at the moment, Smiling Knitting is jolly well generously offering 5% off all orders when you use the discount code 'smilingknitting5'; so really there's simply no excuse for having tatty old slippers any more.

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Monday, 8 August 2011

I was recently introduced to the designboom blog by one of the creative team at my new job at Ocado. Basically, they'd seen an article on there about a virtual supermarket in South Korea; and by virtual I don't mean, like, Ocado online, I mean a whole underground station transformed into virtual supermarket, using QR codes to enable passengers to shop whilst waiting for a train. How awesome is that?

Anyway, naturally once I'd read the article, which was, for all intents and purposes work-related, my fingers slowly found themselves edging the mouse towards the designboom shop... I wasn't disappointed. It has loads of supercool presents; presents for you, presents for me, presents for wine buffs, presents for geeks, like, for example, this laptop bag which looks like a Windows 'My Documents' folder. CLEVER.

This costs $30 (about £18.80, thank you Expedia Currency Converter), not including postage. I really want it; I think it will definitely help me in my eternal quest to attract a cute, geeky boyfriend. It totally sends out the right vibes. It's like 'I'm geeky, but also cool', in a non-contrived way, obv. And 'geeky-and-cool-in-a-non-contrived-way' is a rare and attractive combo.

Sadly, I don't actually have a laptop, so once geeky-cool-non-contrived-potential-Mr-Nom saw the contents of my case, he might be slightly dubious about my coolness and geekiness, but I'm sure by that point I would have probably made some good jokes involving innuendo and maybe dazzled him with my smile*, so he'd be trapped in my web like a geeky and cool fly and the Find Nom A Boyfriend Plan would be successfully executed.

*If not my smile then definitely my boobs. Or my aforementioned zebra print onesie.

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Monday, 1 August 2011


I'm in a mopey mood today. I'm tired because I started a new job and moved house all in the same week. On Friday I went and got bosco absoluto, which is rather a silly thing to do when you have to move the other half of your belongings and clean your old flat the next day. FAIL. So today I am mostly feeling sorry for myself and wanting to mooch about wearing comfy clothes, eating naughty things, such as the cold pizza I bought last night and probably a large quantity of chocolate. Ooh, I could really go for a scotch egg, thinking about it.

The humble t-shirt is an integral part of any mooch-situation. Sometimes I like to kick it GAP style in a plain white t-shirt (whilst not wearing any actual GAP branded items because everything I have ever tried on in GAP looks boxy and squat and they can DO ONE if they think I'm going to buy into that look). Other times, I like to wear something that is a little bit more interesting. Threadless is handy for this kind of clothing dilemma.

The good thing about Threadless is that the designs can be applied to girls t-shirts and boys t-shirts and hoodies for either gender too. I think there's even the option to buy designs for younglings, but I've never investigated that option in any depth because I don't have a boyfriend, never mind offspring. The t-shirts are always really nice quality too. Another awesome thing about Threadless is that anybody can submit a design and if enough people like it, they will print it! I think you get a $1000 dollar prize if your design wins. Get your pencils out.

To go with my morbid mood, my first selection is Zombie at Tiffany's, which costs $20 (£12.18, thank you Expedia).

My housemate Helen thinks this is hideous, mainly because she loves the Breakfast At Tiffany's poster so much she has a copy of it up in our kitchen. I think it's hilarious. But then, I am sometimes one sick little puppy.

Speaking of puppies, Satan's Little Helper also costs $20 and features a fun pun and a picture of a doggrell, which I like muchly.

On the cute theme, there's also this Cookie Loves Milk tee by Jess Fink for $18. It comes in purrrrty colours too.

Love this Useful Facts tee ($15) too. Sometimes, knowing some good Facts can really come in handy. I make it my business to know random Facts. Such as, your hair doesn't really continue to grow after you die, your skin shrinks which makes it seem longer. Gross right? Also, white chocolate isn't technically chocolate at all, because it contains no cocoa solids, just a little cocoa butter. If you have nothing to contribute to a conversation an interesting Fact can be a real ice breaker. And when you're hungover, this could be essential.

I originally wrote this post for About Your Dress Blog, you can still find it amongst heaps of other posts by me and two other talented ladies there if you'd like to go and have a peek.