Monday, 22 August 2011


Do you remember a TV show from the late 80s/early 90s which involved this annoying little Canadian girl called Ramona? I can vaguely remember this irksome child having an absolute whale, splashing about in a puddle wearing this groovy little yellow PVC mac with a hat to match, and red wellies too in the opening credits. I hated that show. I hated Ramona. But I really, really wanted her yellow mac. Maybe my beef with Ramona was all down to a fairly standard case of green-eyed monsterism.

Well, time has flown by, television programs have come and gone from my life, but as it turns out, the desire to be the owner of a yellow PVC mac has not dissipated one iota.

ENTER JOY [stage left] and the Louche Bettina PVC Hooded Mac for the not offensive price of £59*.

Look how shiny it is.

This would be an ideal way for me to wreak revenge as an adult on that obnoxious little twerp Ramona. Now I am in charge of my own wardrobe budget, I can absolutely purchase myself a yellow PVC Mac, and NOBODY CAN SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

*Just in case you were wondering if £59 is a good price for a yellow mac, I did a bit of research Googled it and found this cheeky number on Justers Fetishworld (please do not click on this link if you are of a delicate disposition or at work and value your position of employment) for £61.59 and then this gorgeous Aquascutum number on sale at John Lewis for a trifling £225. As I have not a trifling £225 to spare and don't wish to receive packages with a Fetishworld return address on them, I think the JOY option is the one for me. 

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