Tuesday, 10 November 2009


This is a scan of a little scrappy thing I made a few weeks ago. I put it in a gilt frame and have it just behind my bed. The scan doesn't really do the colours justice; the ribbon is actually this putrid fluorescent orange and the paper with 'loue;;' transferred on is this really vivid pink; but I like it because it's a big old mess, just how love can be I suppose.

My sister came and jumped on my bed with me yesterday and she saw it and tried to read it. She couldn't get her head around why I had misspelled it, when I'm such a spelling Nazi most of the time. I told her about how when the printing press first came about 'f' was sometimes substituted for 's', so the 'u' was a pretend 'v'. Plus, love doesn't really care if you spell things wrong, or if half of your 'o' transfer doesn't stick properly, or if you need a few plasters on your corners...