Friday, 13 January 2012

Lovely lino prints

The content of this post reminds me of a Year 8 art lesson, wherein a certain Mr. Lorimer attempted to teach a rabble of rowdy 13 year olds how to make a lino print. I managed to gouge a pretty distinct impression into the palm of my hand using a lino cutting tool and get an achy arm in the process, but that was about the sum of my efforts. So I have massive respect for anyone that is prepared to dedicate the time (and arm power, it's jolly hard work on the old guns) required to create a beautiful lino print.

Michael Torrence aka Tournesol Prints, has a selection of lino lovelies inspired by nature for sale in his Etsy shop. I really love this butterfly print, which costs £17.95, plus £2.95 to ensure it arrives at your address.

It's hand printed and hand tinted, which involves rather a lot of doing things by hand, if you ask me, and is undoubtedly worth more than the selling price.

I've always liked dandelions. I know that they're the scourge of English gardeners and before the French got their mits on the language they were called piss-a-beds due to their diuretic properties, but I love the delicate, fragile beauty of their seed heads, so I really like this print:

It costs £11.50, plus £1.80 postage, and is a smaller, A4 size.

An old boss of mine was a huge fan of lady birds, so she'd love the ladybugs lino print, which only costs £11.95, plus postage.


Catherine said...

Wow! I love these prints! Thanks for introducing me to this seller, I've not come across him before. Going to start saving my pennies for the bumblebees :)

nom said...

My pleasure! I really like the butterfly print. The colours are beautiful.

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