Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Free bees

I love bees. I find them to be such fascinating little creatures. Their little communities work seamlessly towards the same goal. I like collecting vintage images of them, to use in craft projects. I've found a couple of free images to download if you like them too...

You can download this image for free here.

And this image is available for free here. If I can find any more I'll be sure to link again. If you're interested in finding other free vintage images for download, you might like to go and have a look at Graphics Fairy. Karen regularly posts free images to download, which is ideal for crafting projects.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Love is in the air...

Well, it's not really in the air for me, but seeing as it's February and Valentine's Day is coming up, I will be indulging in adorning myself with heart-themed accessories, like this gorgeous two swallows with a blue heart necklace, which costs just under £18.

As my heart doesn't belong to anyone, I don't think blue is an inappropriate colour for hearts on Valentine's Day. This delicate light blue open heart necklace is the same price and also gets a vote from me:

If you're a die-hard fan of red and pink for the dreaded V-Day, then you might like these silver plated hoop earrings, which come in pink as pictured below and red. They cost just over £15, plus £2.30 postage.

These pretty handmade finds come all the way across the seas, from US Etsy seller Small Blue Things. You can connect on Facebook  or Twitter with this clever little crafter.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Free Valentine's Day Downloads

I recently found this blog, Eat, Drink, Chic which is owned by Australian Graphic Designer/Stylist/Blogger, Amy Moss. It's a beautiful site filled with inspiring ideas and examples of Amy's work. She's also, very generously, provided free downloads for some of her designs.

As Valentine's Day is coming up, I've linked you to a few of the beautiful romantic freebies, which she has posted in previous years on her blog. They're absolutely lovely, and if you have the time, you should make them for your loved ones this year. Even if you don't have a boyfriend, you should download them and make them and tell all of your friends about them. Friends will probably appreciate them more than boys anyway. Boys in general are severely lacking in romantic sensibility.

These amazing Origami heart invitations would make a charming love letter.

There are two Je t'aime mini card sets and envelopes which are cute and kitsch. I've shown the Valentine's Girl card below, but there's a boy cars for free download too.

These Valentine's Day Post-Its would enable you to scatter heart-felt messages for your loved one across several locations, which is utterly endearing.

And finally, there is this amazing Valentine popcorn invitation kit to download and make. I think this is brilliant! Such a clever idea.

Amy has lots of other amazing freebies, so you should visit her blog Eat, Drink, Chic and perhaps tell her how awesome you think she is on Twitter @eatdrinkchic. I think I have a tiny little girl crush on her...