Saturday, 22 January 2011

Cushions, daschunds, things that are Made In Britain...

Dear Ria from over @AYDblog  and I both take great delight in finding unusual things to buy that are Made In The United Kingdom. I'd say that we're all like, striving to help the economy, but actually it's just because we like beautiful and unusual things made by super talented artists.

I can't vouch for Ria on this, but do you know what else I like? I like DASCHUNDS! Oh how I've longed for a sausage dog since I was the tender age of thirteen. How I've wanted to take dear little Fritz on little walks in a little coat with a little red leash, to watch him frolic in the park, with a definite hint of the absurd about him, because his legs are too short and his body is too long and his silky ears are disproportionately sized and get in the way. Sigh. So, imagine my delight when what do I stumble upon on HELKATDESIGN website? Only a handmade cushion from Wiltshire featuring Fritz!

Here he comes in charcoal and ivory, with some pretty red hessian, ribbon and linen trimming on the reverse.  You can also get him in pale duck egg blue as evidenced below. Each daschund is hand stitched for an interesting and unique character - look at this one, he sort of looks like he's begging for a biscuit.

They are but £35 pounds, which isn't a lot for something so delightful. There are way more beautiful and ever-so-slightly-quintessentially-English cushions around that price point featuring battling March hares, pheasants, a weasel, a dear little partridge family and some stags and flags. I especially like this foxy loxy.

Twitter also introduced me recently to a shop which is full of Things That Are Made In Britain, called From The Wilde which I like, immensely. And, after contacting dear Emily, I am permitted to share with all you lovely readers a Crafty Little Beggar and AYD Blog Reader discount of 10%, huzzah! All you need do is input the coupon code 1111 and you'll get the discount off any item on the site on orders placed after February 1st. The things I do for you lot :) 

Worth mentioning are the spiffingly unusual tea-towels, my favourite of which features a lovely print of union keys for just £7.65 and also has a set of 4 cotton napkins (reduced to £16.80), a cushion for £36 and a cup to match! Sigh, I do so like it when things are all matchy-matchy.


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